Environmental Test Chamber

Environmental / Climatic test chamber used to test effects that climatic changes have on products placed within environmental chambers. These chambers evaluates product quality, identifies weaknesses, etc. High temperature, low temperature and humidity testing conditions can be done in single unit either manually / programmed with cyclic operation conditions.
Temperature ranges:
-10 to +100°C | -40 to +100°C | -70 to +100°C |
-70°C to +150°C
Humidity range: 40% to 98% @ 30°C to 80°C.
Technical Specifications:

  • Temperature, Humidity Controller (Humidity - Dry and Wet bulb method)
  • Digital Microprocessor based, PID, Temperature Indicator cum controller with display resolution of 0.1°C.
  • Digital Microprocessor based, PID, Humidity Indicator cum controller with display resolution of 1%Rh.     (direct reading).
  • Display accuracy ±0.5%, full scale.
  • Temperature controlling accuracy ±2°C.
  • Humidity controlling accuracy of ± 2-3% @ 40% to 98% Rh.
  • Class A grade PT-100 (RTD) Sensor for dry and wet temperature measurements.


  • Vertical model.
  • Inner Chamber made of dully polished Stainless Steel, 304 Grade. Outer made of Mild Steel, powder     coated.
  • Polyurethane Foam (PUF) and Glass Wool / Ceramic blanket Insulation.
  • Handle, lock and heavy-duty hinges for door.
  • Door with Silicon / Neoprene rubber gasket for leak proof.
  • Forced air circulation to maintain uniformity of temperature.
  • Frost Free Viewing Window to observe the testing components during working condition.
  • Double walled full front opening door. Inner lined with SS.
  • Long life Ni-chrome, SS heaters with fins for higher temperature.
  • Automatic cut off for circulating fan when the door is opened.
  • Lockable Wheels for easy movement.
  • Drain facility to drain the condensed water from the chamber.
  • Adjustable SS meshed trays.

Refrigeration System:

  • Hermetically sealed EMERSON Copeland make compressor.
  • CFC free refrigerant filled.
  • Fin and tube type air-cooled condenser.

Safety features:

  • Provided with Suitable overload protectors and MCB s to ensure absolute safety to Electrical / Electronics and Refrigeration Systems.
  • Provided with automatic water filling for humidity test.
  • Door light is provided for viewing window.
  • Single phase preventor will be provided for 3-phase instruments.
  • High Pressure and Low Pressure safety cut off for Compressors.
  • Fully solid-state relay (SSR) control for heaters.
  • High and Low temperature deviation alarms.

Standard sizes:
600 x 600 x 600 mm | 750 x 750 x 750 mm | 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm
Power Supply: Single-phase 230Volt / Three phase 440 Volt, 50 Hz.

  • Calibration certificate traceability to NABL standards (Temperature controller with sensor).
  • Tower Light with Red, Orange & Green indication to know the status of the machine.
  • Specimen Protection to protect Components from high temperatures.
  • Multi Programmable, cyclic Eurotherm PID controller with ramp and soak.
  • IR lamps facility for component surface testing.
  • Full Stainless steel (Inner & Outer).
  • Computer Interface (RS232 / 485).
  • Available in different chamber sizes, as per customers requirements.

Note: Due to continuous development SRICO reserves all the rights to change specifications without prior notice.