Fume Cupboard

Material of Construction:
6mm thick asbestos lined FRP Bispheonl "A" fumerate resin rein forced with veneer ply sheet 12 mm thick. External laminated with melamine sheet.
Single, automatic, concealed type balanced with counter weights, sash weights, wire rope and others.
Motor: 1 H.P. 1440 RPM, three phase motor
200MM dia thick, rigid PVC pipe of height 8' will be provided with suitable rain hood.
Impeller: Dynamically balanced FRP impeller. Buffed by 3 mm thick FRP sheet.
Exhaust blower: Centrifugal dulvin type, in-built
Casting: 6 mm thick FRP Bisphenol "A" fumerate resin.
Temperature: Max 120'C pressure 2" swg
Suction: 1000/1200 cfm per minute.
Balancing: By suitable equipment upto 3000 RPM
Bottom Arrangement:
3' Height table made out of 19mm black board with sliding door, open door and one number horizontal partition internally coated with epoxy paint.
Flooring: Working surface shall be floored with spartek tiles with acid resistant cement joints.
Electrical Arrangement:
2 Nos of 3 pin 15/5 amp socket, with control switch and bush type starter will be provided.
Overall Dimension Approx.: 8 X 5 X 2.5 Feet
Power Supply: 230 Volts 50 Hz Ac Main 3 Wire System.