Water Chillers

There are many machines, which require water-cooling to run smoothly. Water chillers are used in these cases. SRICO Cooling Systems specializes in the manufacturing of refrigerators, vapor compression, water chillers of various models and capacities. All system components are selected and rated in accordance with ARI conditions.
SRICO Cooling Systems offer water chillers for applications ranging from 5°C to 25°C. We use system components like the compressor from KCL, Tecumseh, Copeland, Maneurop, Bock, Bitzer, etc. and the refrigeration controls are from Alco, Danfoss, and Sporlan etc.
Our water chillers come integrated with an insulated SS 304 / 316 water reservoir, re-circulating pump and electrical control panel. Chillers with PLC and microprocessor based control are also available. The chillers are styled and built aesthetically to match the modern trend in equipment manufacturing.
SRICO Water Cooled  Chillers are manufactured with world class Scroll/hermatic  compressors from Danfoss-Maneurop and Copeland. These chillers are fully Microprocessor based suitable for process cooling applications from (+) 20°C upto (-) 15°C.
For lower temperatures of upto (-) 50°C look into Brine Chillers.
These scroll chillers are offered with upto 3 Nos. scroll compressors in one machine but having separate and individual refrigeration circuits.
These chillers are world class, manufactured in a ISO 9001, certified factory with an option of using CFC free refrigerant R-407C & R-134a complete with in-built Process pump and stainless steel chilled water expansion tank. These chillers are also rated for an ambient of upto (+) 480C and cooling tower water temperature upto (+) 37°C at the inlet of the condensor.
The various operating voltages of these chillers are :
a). 380 / 400 Volt AC / 50 HZ
b). 220 Volt AC / 50 HZ

  • CFC Free Refrigerant
  • Stepwise Capacity Control (20%, 50% & 75%)
  • PLC Based Control Without Communication

Design Conditions:
1. Connected Power 415V AC +/- 10% / 50Hz / 3 Phase + Neutral
2. Design Condensing Temperature (+) 40°C.
3. Design Evaporating Temperature (+) 5°C.